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  • Foundation: HEHUA Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd was founded in 1998
  • Speciality Field: Auto Sensor Systems Research, Development and Production
  • Production:


  • Factory staff: 105 people, including senior engineers 9 people
  • Factory area: 5500 square meters
  • Certification System: certified by the ISO/TS16949:2009
  • Research and development and experiment: Performance computer collection and analysis (dynamic, static, reflux, high and low temperature) test equipments, high and low temperature test equipments, simulation automotive vibration test equipments, salt spray corrosion test equipments, aging test equipments, durability test equipments, swaying wire longevity test equipments, phase difference test equipments
  • Applicable Models: European auto, Japanese auto, American auto, Korean auto
  • Main Markets: OEM、OES