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Automotive sensor technology development
Date: 2010-12-23  Hits: 1903  

The late 20th century, the growing development of design technology, materials technology, in particular, Mems (Micro Electro Mechanical System) technology improves the micro-sensor to a new level. The use of MEMS technology seal and install the micro-level sensor, signal processor, data treatment device on the same chip. It has characteristics of small volume, cheap price, high reliability, etc. and can significantly improve test accuracy. Mems technology currently used to produce the amount of testing mechanical, magnetic volume, the amount of thermal, chemical, and biomass of micro-sensors. As Mems tiny sensors has advantage on reducing the cost of automotive electronic systems and improve its performance advantages, they have begun to gradually replace the sensors which based on traditional mechanical and electrical technology. Mems sensors will become an important component of automotive electronics in the world.

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