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 MAF Quality Control
MAF TECH Strengths

MAF our chip mainly to select the
MEMS mircro-chip

Hot-Film Air Flow Sensor

Product main structure:
◆ Hot-film MEMS micro-chip sensor unit
◆ Temperature sensor
◆ Temperature sensor
◆ Electronic circuit

Select the MEMS mircro-chip, with the computer digital circuits control accurate
signal, is the most effective solution to ensure the best state of fuel ratio
MAF Quality Control
MAF Output Wave Comparison
with OE
MAF Response Time Comparison
Hot-Film Air Flow Sensor with OE
Divided into 29 sections we test the output signal of
MAF to make each section accuration within 2%.
MAF dinamic response time consistently with OEM products
Working Heat Distribution Of MEMS Chips
Under Satatic&Dynamic Environment
The thermal distribution without
air flow conditions
The thermal distribution with the
air flow conditions

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