HEHUA is an manufacture enterprise professional in the production of ABS sensors,Air flow sensor,Crankshaft sensor,Camshaft sensor,Truck sensor,EGR Valve. Specially offer professional solutions of automotive electronics for domestic and abroad well-known customers. The company main area of cooperation is china OE market and abroad OEM,OES market.

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  • Product


    Provide you with one-stop shopping service and sales. Sensor models exceed 3000 items.

  • Quality


    Material and part options, automatic production, process control, and quality control are completely the same as OE quality.

  • Technology


    15 years of sensor R&D team and technical team, independent laboratory.

  • Service


    We have good after-sales service to ensure that the goods are delivered to our customers in time, and we have a 2-year quality guarantee.



  • Introduction to the role and types of air flow sensors


    The function of the air flow sensor is to convert the amount of air drawn into the engine into an electrical signal and provide it to the electronic control unit (ECU), which is the main basis for determining the basic fuel injection volume. Wing type air flow sensor: The fin type air flow sensor...

  • What is the impact of a broken vehicle speed sensor on the car


    A broken vehicle speed sensor has the following effects on the vehicle: 1. The engine fault light turns on. 2. When the vehicle starts or decelerates to a stop while driving, it stops or stalls instantly. 3. Decreased engine acceleration performance. 4. The vehicle speed display on the instrument...

  • Types and principles of ABS sensors


    1. The ring wheel speed sensor is mainly composed of permanent magnets, induction coils and ring gears. The permanent magnet is composed of several pairs of magnetic poles. During the rotation of the ring gear, the magnetic flux inside the induction coil alternately generates induced electromotiv...

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